Friday, January 2, 2009

Love Letters to the King

I was tired, my Lord.

The day behind me had been difficult. My work seemed unyielding and it warranted no merit. I laid my head to rest but sleep eluded me even in the darkened hour.

Restless, I drifted between our world and the one where dreams come to life. But my dreams could not keep me.

Immersed in Cimmerian shadows I left my bed and entered your garden. I knew you would not be there until the sun broke through the darkness and yet I had to come. In my malcontent, I needed to feel the remnant of your presence. To stand where I knew your foot had stood. To touch the smooth bark of the willow upon which you often rest your hand. I needed you. So, I waited.

The shroud of darkness screamed in my ears and yet, I thought I heard the approach of footsteps. I tried to turn but your hands took hold of my shoulders and squared my body in its place. Your grasp was firm. I was captive to your embrace.

“My Lord, are you not pleased to find me waiting?”

Your hand left my shoulder and covered my lips. Your skin was not smooth as it had been before. Calluses scraped my lower lip and an earthy malodorous smell filled my nose. I laid back into your chest hoping my submission would ease your grip, but you moved your other hand across my chest and held me closer than before. The stubble of your unshaven chin bit into my cheek. And your voice….

“Why do you love him?”

My breath was arrested within me, threatening to take my life.

“Why can you not love me?”

“You are not my King.”

“No. But, I should be for I can offer you so much more.”

The spittle of his words wet the inside of my ear. I could no longer hear the garden. I could only hear his filth and I was unwillingly intoxicated. Like filling my veins with poison, he purred his promises from a forked tongue masking all that I loved from view.

The muffled sound of a whimpering heart was all that was audible from my lips. My thoughts crying out for the only one whose love could break his hold.
The sun crept over the horizon and the lake danced in its presence. The scales of the arm that held me at bay turned to flesh in the glow of the sun.

Like a warrior riding in from the distance, the light flooded the garden and again I heard the approach of footsteps.

“Let her go, Lord Viroth. She is not yours to hold.”

His hand left my mouth and his embrace released. Curses slip past his lips as we turned to face the King.

You towered in front of him, the sun illuminating your face so that it hurt my eyes. Your arm outstretched towards me and I ran into your embrace.

“Leave us Viroth and do not be so quick as to come back again.”

With your words still lingering in the air, Lord Viroth disappeared into unnatural shadow.

I buried myself within your grasp. The gentleness of your touch renewed my strength. The brush of your finger across my lips healed the scrapes of my captivity.

“Forgive me my Lord, for in my weakness I thought he was you.”

Your lips buried within my hair, you kissed the top of my head. “Know only me Princess for what I offer cannot be duplicated.”

I will know you King. I will seek you always and in your embrace will I find refuge.


Your enraptured servant.

May you know the heart of the King and the voice of the one who loves you for in his embrace you will find refuge and peace for your soul.

“For your name’s sake, O Lord, preserve my life; in your righteousness, bring me out of trouble. In your unfailing love, silence my enemies; for I am your servant.” Psalms 143:11, 12 (NIV)


Melinda said...

I just LOVE this! I'm always amazed at how easy it is to be wooed by the words of the counterfeit. May it be that we learn the Voice of Truth so intimately this year that we know it immediately, above all others.

Blessings to you this year,

Mary Moss said...

This is so powerful. I held my breath throughout my reading! As I look back over 2008 - and really my whole life - I understand how easy it is to be wooed by another.

Your writing will linger with me and I'll hopefully call it to mind the next time I feel a pull away from the King.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Awesome picture of how easy it is to slip away...especially when we are so tired! BUT GOD, He is always there truly waiting for us to run to Him.

Thank you!


Shanita Waters said...

Awesome! Thank God it's Friday. Another Love Letter to the King. You have truly outdone yourself this time. Each letter is better than the next. I LOVE your writtings. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this and as Mary wrote, I too held my breath as I read it. You are gifted and being used by the Lord bigtime. I pray that God will enlarge your territory!

Stephanie said...

This is so awesome. I am in tears. Thank you for letting God use you in such a powerful way!

sailorcross said...


I have been feeling drained, tired, just plain worn out. My work is short staffed. I come home tired. I wake up tired. And how easy it is to slip off my rock into the clasp of another--mistaking those words for the words of truth.

I am so thankful that God never lets us go, no matter what!! He is always there, always waiting to rescue us!!

Thank you for again touching my soul with words from the King!!


Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Hello there -
Found your blog while reading Shanita Waters'. Decided to stop for a peek and absolutely love the writing and how captivating it is. You do have a way with words and imagery while conveying well needed truth.


The Blonde Duck said...

How's your publishing ventures going? Any bites? Marie gave me the name of a good Christian publisher the other day..

Truth4thejourney said...

Spring, This is such an incredible letter. There is so much truth in it!! I am amazed at the picture it painted. I've been there with the enemy decieving me before, and when the Lord steps in to reveal the truth it is very freeing.

Love your writing friend!

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Found your blog through SITS - I'm a newbie there, too! LOVED this post, I will be back for many more! :)

Tiny Tutus said...

Hey Sweetie! Just saw your first "roll call" on SITS and wanted to stop by and welcome you to the group!