Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday – where laughter gets us through the week.

This is Ella.

She was a gift this past November and I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the giver.

I love cats. However, my husband hates cats. About every six months over the last seven years, I have asked if we could have a cat and the answer has always been NO. End of story.

Having played every angle, including the “but the kids really want a cat”, I had come to terms with never having a cat. But, then one fateful Thursday afternoon my inbox was infiltrated with an email profiling an abandoned cat who was in need of a home. My heartstrings were once again pulled.
Being that it was way too late in the afternoon to ask my husband about the cat (as his nerves would already be shot from a long stressful day at the office) I decided to wait until the next morning.
Friday came and I sent my husband off to work, made sure he arrived safely and then I popped the question.
Forwarding the original cat email, I asked if we could give this abandoned kitty a second chance. I even added a smiley face for added sentiment.

To my absolute surprise my husband said “yes”.
After making sure he was serious, I had that cat signed, sealed and delivered within thirty minutes. I couldn’t believe it. We had a cat.

Later that afternoon when my husband arrived home from work I asked him why he changed his mind after all these years. His response, “I didn’t have a choice.”
He recounted the story that during his bible study meeting the previous Tuesday, God spoke to his heart and told him to get me a cat. He’d been wracking his brain all week trying to figure out how to surprise me with a cat when I forwarded the email to him.

The funny part of the story….this cat is identical to a cat I had in my childhood that was unfairly taken away from me. This cat from the past was just one of many things taken away from me as a child. God had long since promised restoration and has delivered on many accounts, but now he is delivering on finite details. As He has restored a favorite pet.

Ella has made a wonderful addition to our family and is a constant reminder of God’s restorative power. So thank you Lord for your gift. And thank you to my husband for being obedient.


The Blonde Duck said...

Ella seems quite pleased with herself. :)

I guess I'll sign up today. I left a comment with the girl hosting it asking if all my neverending stories (gift, twirl) would count and she never responded. I couldn't find an e-mail on her page, so I'm going to decide it counts. :)

There's a lot of writers on her page, so I'm going to stalk them. :) You should too. We'll be the stalkers from the Pond.

Mel said...

Ella is a cutie...I am struck by God restoring things, and the fact it may take much longer than we want it to, but He is faithful.

sailorcross said...

Hi Spring!!

She is a beautiful kitty!! And I'm so glad that your childhood kitty is being restored to you through Ella!!

She looks quite happy in her new home, and you seem very happy with her!!


Krista said...

my friend, you are incredibly well spoken. yet, how is that a whimsical story? the wells in my eyes just filled up and spilled out right onto the keys... well, alright, I am 38 weeks prego maybe that's it... but that is so darn cool. I wish I had better words, all I can say is that I am so happy for you. the kitty lover in my heart just adopted her for you all over again. yay for God and his cool gifts!

sumi said...

Wow, what a sweet story. I love seeing how generous our God is and how wonderfully he restores. :-)

I hear that you were all praying for me yesterday - thank you!!! Feb 17 is coming is not going to be an easy day for me (she writes, tearing up just thinking about it).

Melanie said...

What a great story! I'm smiling.

Mary Moss said...

Pets are wonderful family members. How awesome that God continues the restoration process in your healing.

Joel 2:25 AMP) And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten--the hopping locust, the stripping locust, and the crawling locust, My great army which I sent among you.

Shanita Waters said...

That is so awesome.

Enjoy your kitty and I ask that God grant your hubby a special blessing!

Robin said...

What a sweet story! I love that God cares even about these "little" things in our lives. He spoke to your husband because He knew your heart's desire! Amazing!
And I love black and white cats - they are so beautiful.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I like to look at kittys from a distant but I'm more of a dog lover. I'm happy for you and how amazing that you have an obedient husband. Does he have a brother? (lol)

Have a great day.
PS Yesterday I was having lunch with a sister-friend in Christ and told her about your amazing blog. It has inspiried her and she waiting on GOD to give her a title before she joins the blogsphere.

Have a fantastic Thursday!

Star Forbis said...

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog today & Laughing with me.
Come back anytime.