Thursday, June 4, 2009


No, I'm not going to be blogging about a frying pan today.

Instead, I'm referring to the Christian hard rock band Skillet. I absolutely love their music. This is funny since I was never into hard rock as a teenager. Come to think about it, I was never into hard rock in my twenties either. So, what about turning 30 made me like rock? I have no idea.

But, I do know why I like Skillet and bands like them. They are not afraid.

They're not afraid to love their God and use the gifts God gave them. And, they do have a gift.

So many times, as Christians, we feel we need to fit a mold. Once a Christian, we must lay down that which is fun and become boring. I mean, isn't that why the world doesn't want to turn to the church?

My response...."Are you kidding me!"

We as the church should be pouring out, creating, and prospering in the gifts and talents God has given us. We should be a light unto the world. If we are made in the likeness and image of the one true God and He is the creator of all things, then we should be creative in all the things that God has given us.

Praise God for people like Skillet who aren't afraid to step out in the giftings God gave them instead of making those giftings fit the mold of man.

So, why am I raging over Skillet today?

Well, for the first time (at the wonderful age of 35) I went to a hard rock concert.

Mental note: cell phones in dark auditoriums on the back row of the balcony don't take very good pics but you get the idea.

Can I just say what an awesome experience this was. And, I wasn't the oldest person there. Just across the aisle from us was a man in his late fifties who was dressed very business like and let me say, he was rocking out with the best of them.

Yes, Skillet brought down the house and I even shed a tear or two. Why? Because they are doing what they love and they are doing it because they love God. It doesn't get more awesome then that.

So, what is your gifting?

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