Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Disney and all things Scooterized

I saw a woman wearing stiletto heels in the middle of Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Fl. (If you have ever been to one of the Disney parks then you know that the parks span multiple acres and require a crazy amount of walking.)

The shoes looked nice but the only thing I could think is “we are in the back of the park. That means you walked from the parking lot to here in those shoes and what’s worse… have to walk back.” Bless you young lady. Bless you.

Now, I admire anyone who can wear “fashion before comfort” type shoes. Why? Because I can’t. I would love to wear some styling killing-my-feet-while-I’m walking-but-who-cares-cause-I-am-strutting-my-stuff kind of shoes. But, if you have read any of my previous Wednesday posts, then you know that I have a completely fused spine and walk with a cane. It would be impracticality and an impossibility to don those type of shoes so I vicariously live through other’s hurt feet.

So, when and why did I notice this woman’s shoes? I noticed them this past weekend during our impromptu family get-a-way to Disney World in Orlando. Our favorite place to vacation. And, even though we have been too many times to count, this trip was distinctly different.

My husband, who was tired of me being in pain due to hobbling around the parks, decided it was time to embrace my disability and rent a scooter. Yes, I am now a scooter-riding Disney chic. I wonder if there is a club I can join…..

Anyway, here I am atop my golden, I mean white metal, chariot. We’ve decided that the next time we go to Disney, I am going to wear a special ordered T-shirt while riding my scooter that says “BEWARE FAULTY WANDS… fairy godmother zapped a pumpkin and this is what I got”

I must admit though, if you’re kicking it handicap style, Disney is the place to do it. Check out the Disney bus that transports guests from the resorts to the parks.

Riding a scooter? No problem, the bus is fully equipped to take you and your noble steed to the park. And, you get first dibs on the seats.

Notice my husband driving the scooter onto the bus elevator thingy? I am a bad enough driver on the road. You do not want me backing up a scooter in a crowd, on a bus or anywhere else!

And here it is parked on the bus. Nestled into its transportation spot, we sit back and enjoy the ride to whichever park we are heading too. Very nice Disney. Thank you for making it easy.

Stay tuned. Friday will host a new Love Letter to the King, Monday features the latest Mary’s Journal and next Wednesday will be more Disney adventures.


Mary Moss said...

Good for you! What a wonderful way for you to enjoy your vacation:-)

I also would never attempt to back up a scooter or anything else:-)

Mel said...

That is defiantely the way to see Disney!!!

B His Girl said...

I love to go to Disney with my children. Can't imagine wearing heels there. It must have been her first time there! I would not have backed up into the bus either ;)

Melinda said...

Yeah, I've never understood the strappy-heel-wearing crowd at Disney. And I see them often as we're season pass holders! We're only about an hour and a half away, door to door, and it just never gets old!

Looks like you've found your way to do it, and, come to think of it, the ONLY way to get around wearing heels at Disney! :o)

Melanie said...

A fun post! We only live 1 1/2 hours from Disney but haven't been in years. We visit Blizzard Beach every summer though.
Fun Post!

The Blonde Duck said...

Oh, you're previewing now! Cool!

Jennifer Pacacha said...

What you really need is a scooter with a booster seat on the back for Regan. That would be perfect! We'll just call you scooter girl, and Regan scooter girl, jr. :) Fun post!

Gwen Stewart said...

Last April, I was sick at Disney with a medication reaction. Really quite sick. So we rented a wheelchair for me, and my husband pushed me through the park.

Disney was wonderful, and other guests were kind and accommodating.

That said, thank God for the cute ballet flat...and I say that as a woman who stand 5'0 tall. Stilettos at Disney? Wow. Not this super-short one. ;)

God bless you today!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Where there is a will, there is a way and bless your husband for sharing in on the driving (smile) He truly seems to love you and I'm sure the kids wished that there were one for all the family members...

How blessed are you to take a vacation during this financial crisis???? GOD is awesome and he continues to supply us with bountiful blessings.

Love, peace and blessings.

Julie Gillies said...

Like Melinda, we live about an hour and a half away from Disney. We have an ongoing family bet every time we visit the park...whoever sees the most high-heeled women gets an ice-cream cone. It's a constant source of amusement for us.

Looks like you're having a good time...sorry it's so darn cold!

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Heels and Disney -hmm - can't imagine that. I've blessed to visit the park twice. Went in 07 with my son and managed to visit all the kingdoms but I purchased flat and comfortable shoes and still had to soak my feet for days.

Isn't it sweet to have a loving husband to help around? Didn't know about the condition.