Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Kingdom - Prologue part 3

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The Kingdom - Prologue Part 3

King Maddox stood in the bowels of the palace. With eyes closed, he caressed the surface of the orb. The sphere of fire pulsed in rhythm with the beat of his heart and the energy of it flowed through his hand and electrified his skin.

“Forgive me Father.” The King whispered. “I have failed you.”

“Failed?” Artimus entered the room and stood behind Maddox. “Dear brother, you have not failed. Only paved the way for my destiny.”

The King, unmoved, replied, “How did you get in here?”

“You should take better care of your secrets.” Artimus moved to the side of the King and rolled the glass object around in his hand. “I have your key.”

Maddox allowed a quaint smirk to appear across his lips. “It doesn’t matter brother. You’re too late.”

The King placed both hands on the orb and leaned into it. The fiery glow inside the sphere churned and crackled under the will of the King. Maddox’s sword handle matched the intensity of its glow and the temperature of the room rose ten degrees.

“What's this magic?”

“Not all secrets are known brother.” Maddox, with reflexes that defied human sight, grabbed his sword, pulled it above his head and thrust the handle into the orb. It shattered and fell filling the air with the sound of a thousand crystal chimes hit by a violent wind.

The palace lurched at the loss of the orb. Instead of hovering in the clouds, it thudded into the terrain with such force that the two tectonic plates below the surface of the earth collided causing the upper plate to jettison rock into the western landscape creating a mountain that shielded the palace from view. The void left on the eastern side by the moving of the earth was filled in with a rush of water creating Dalzure Lake. For now, the palace was secluded.

Artimus picked himself up from the floor of the orb’s chamber. “I did not think you had it in you, brother.”

Maddox leaned against the far wall. A curtain of sorrow spilled across his face. The door to the room flung open as Rosea and his men filled the room, weapons held against the King.

“Wait” said Artimus. “His capture is no longer necessary.”

The Prince’s guard stood down. Artimus crossed the room until he was six inches in front of the King. “My dear brother….you know the rules.”

Maddox lowered his eyes to the ground and exhaled slowly. “I do.”

Artimus turned towards his men, “Hear this. The King has broken the orb. He is therefore forbidden to leave the grounds outside the palace. If he does, you have the permission of the ancient ones to kill him where he stands.” Walking towards the door, he spoke to his brother without turning his head. “I, however, may now do whatever I want.”

Artimus, Rosea and the rest of the Prince’s guard left the orb’s chamber. Laughter muffled their footsteps as they disappeared down the corridor.

Left in the now darkened room, the King opened his fist revealing two shards from the broken orb. They pulsed as if containing fire and emeralds. Opening the leather pouch on his belt, he placed the two shards inside. “I have done as you have asked.”

The old woman stepped out from the shadows. “You did what had to be done.”

“But, will it be worth the price?”

The old woman paused, but was unmoved in her demeanor. “Pray she comes quickly, my King.” With that, she disappeared back into the shadows.


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