Monday, April 20, 2009

Mighty Hunter

Oh how I love my cat. She is so funny.

I blogged previously on how we fixed up our back porch and now it’s our favorite spot.

Well, it seems to be Ella’s as well. Especially since she is able to use her back porch time as a way of living out the feral cat fantasy that boils within her.

The other day, while on the porch, Ella proclaimed dominion over the area and declared doom to all lizards who dare enter her lair. Although I felt sorry for the innocent prey, watching the attacks was somewhat comical.......

She tried to deliver them as gifts to us. Yuck!

Beware Lizards, for the great and mighty hunter Ella dwells here.

And, as Ella likes to say (with her food) have a happy day.


The Blonde Duck said...

That's a sqirmy present!

B His Girl said...

My dog is fasinated by lizards also. What a sweet cat to share the catch of the day. B