Monday, April 27, 2009


I have always loved baseball.

My husband has always loved the game as well.

Secretly, I have been in great anticipation of Bug growing old enough to play the game. Last year, he was too young for T-ball so we registered him for Soccer. He hated it!

In fact, during one game, it was his turn to kick the ball into play and instead of kicking it, he sat down on it and took a break.

But, he maintained that he wanted to play baseball and so my hopes stayed high.

This year, he was old enough to register in the instructional league. The first night of practice, we suited him up, bagged his equipment and headed for the dugout.

Our boy ran onto the field a five year old, he came home……well – older.

He drank in the game. Everything the coach did, Bug did right down to mimicking the coach’s stance during the pep talks.

Upon returning home, Bug announced that he was now a big boy and no longer wanted to eat off Disney character plates or drink out of sippy cups. He needs to use grown-up everything.

I never would have thought the game would have had such an impact. It was neat to watch. And, he shows promise for the game as he’s a pretty good hitter. All we have to do now is teach him how to run to the right base.