Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love Letters to the King - NEW

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I am titleing today's letter - My Security - as it is something we need to feel in these days and times.

I hope you enjoy.

My Lord,
The spirit of your heart runs through my veins and haunts me. Oh, how I need you.

I can do nothing without you. I hear your song in my dreams and I feel your presence when you aren’t there. You have imprinted yourself upon my memories so that every recall of my brain hints of you.

And, this is good.

For today, I’m in need. Today, the god of this world…of my village...calls to me. His seductive melody caresses my soul. My heart knows to run, and to run fast, but my mind has been shrouded in the veil that covers most all our villagers.

But, I did stand against them.

The rumbling of my bowels is the evidence of the heartache their treachery creates insides of me. I cower at their invitation, and I weep at their inability to recognize your grace.

Today was especially hard. Villagers in the shop vexed me with their tongues. The disapproving crease of my brow encouraged them all the more. Cornered, they enticed me with their speech. They offered to exchange my singleness for their company, my beauty for their physical love, and my empty evenings for their entertainment. I declined. They persisted.

How do I explain something they cannot see? How do I describe a fullness they have not felt?

My “no’s” are eventually heeded and the villagers leave, but I know they will be waiting. I know they encamp around me, and will make a point to cross my path upon my exiting of my master’s store. And so, my heart cries out to you.

Come to the garden.

Your voice is undeniable and I know that you are watching. Oh my Lord, please rescue me. As if by enchantment, the back door creaks as it opens showing me a cleared path out of the village. A glance towards my master offers another mystical encounter as he waves for me to leave. Without delay, I headed towards the door, down the steps, along the back road and out of the village. I ran without looking back until I was halfway to the garden’s gate.

My security manifested around me, I slowed my pace. The wind was warm and alive as if you were breathing into me. The gate in view, I exhaled in relief. Somehow, this evening, the garden was personified. The grass shined like emeralds, and the setting sun exploded in the sky like a smoldering fire. Dalzure Lake erupted in a performance of dancing diamonds, and your Willow tree swayed as if entranced in the aura of romance.

You, however, stood straight and tall as an ancient Oak who had witnessed this before and no longer fell prey to the physical jubilee of the occasion, but rather relished it in the interior of the heart. Entranced, you did not hear me approach, so I seized the moment.

I ran towards you as a gazelle in an open field. Throwing my arms wide, I did not slow until the root of your stance stopped me. Burying my head into your back, I threw my arms around you and squeezed until there was no strength left in me. Never once did you falter. Never once did you gasp for breath. The only evidence of my love was the smile spread upon your lips and your arms resting on top mine.

Unwilling to move, I stayed steadfast in my position for what was in my mind an eternity. The sun finished setting, and the moon made its debut. The stars winked down upon us, and the majority of the diamond dancers left the Lake, leaving only those endeavoring for attention. The Willow’s branches draped around us, and your steady breathing ticked the time away.

I could have stayed there. It wouldn’t have taken much effort on my part to resign my life to that position, but you determined to move me and the moment was gone. Taking my hands, you pulled them from your body and brought me beside you. Keeping my hand buried inside of yours, you lowered yourself to the ground and rested against the trunk of the Willow. A gentle pulling of my arm encouraged me to do the same.

Sitting beneath the Willow, you spoke. “Do you believe that I’m always with you?”

“Yes my Lord.”

“Even today?”

“Yes. I could feel you with me”

“But, you were afraid.”

I chewed my lip under the conviction of your words. “I do not understand how I know you and they do not.”

“They do not because they choose not too, dear one.”

“And yet they mock me?”

“Because they fear that which they choose not to believe. It is for that reason that the ones who decline my invitation will always be against you.” Your arm moved around my shoulder and pulled me closer towards you. “But fear not Princess, for I have seen your heart and know your faith, and in that I will always be with you.”

Blessed be the strength that is not my own but is fed from the river that flows from my King. I will rest in you, my Lord, for I know that my security is held dear to your heart.


“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty, I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’” Psalms 91:1-2 (NIV)

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Mary Moss said...

Beautiful and spell-binding, as always:-)