Monday, March 23, 2009

Prologue Part B

How good it is to be back in the world of blog. Life seemed to slip away for a couple of weeks. But, we're back on track now. And, I've a few funny stories to share too. But, that is another day.

As for now.....Welcome to The Kingdom, a blog novel. If you missed Prologue part A, all you have to do is page down as it is the previous post. :-) Here is part B. I hope you enjoy!

The Kingdom - Prologue Part B

“Destroy the orb” the old woman said. “For now, it is your only chance.”

“Then we will no longer phase.” King Maddox sat on the corner of his desk, his hands clasped in his lap. For the moment he was safe within his inner chamber, his only company the woman in front of him; the last of the tribe to have witnessed the birth of the palace.

“This is how it must be,” the woman, bent over her cane, turned to leave, “fret not my King, for this time has been known of from the beginning.” With that she disappeared through a side panel in the northern wall of the King’s room.

King Maddox stared through the window, watching the emerging sun. A child’s nursery rhyme tickled his mind. Its syncopation was one that could be remembered through the ages and was sung by mothers to their children in hopes of instilling a hidden truth within their heart. He had never given place to the song’s meaning until now.

“The orb shines bright behind closed doors
Hidden in the heart of a King

Shattered, it falls, and grows very dark – lost in obscurity

But, the love of one will finally come and heal the heart of the King
And in return, the King shall save all eternity.”

As the melody danced on the wings of his thoughts, shadows filled his room and his heart. Change was now inevitable. And, the journey of finding the one would begin.

Cavernous echoes from pounding feet in the marbled halls outside the King’s room disclosed the need for his departure. Grabbing his sword, King Maddox fled through the same hidden panel as the woman. He headed towards the orb’s chamber.


Jennifer Pacacha said...

So worth the wait! Now it only leaves me wanting more. :) I like this new blog. You have been missed!

Melanie said...

It's getting good!

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm so curious!