Friday, March 6, 2009

Love Letters to the King

Welcome to my parable devotional series, Love Letters to the King. If you are new to the Love Letters, click here to find out more.

Again, this is an older letter that has been revised and expanded. I was going to post a new one but this letter hit close to home today, so I decided to post it. I'd love to hear what you think. And, don't forget to come back Monday as I'll be starting a new fictional series, The Kingdom.

Hope you enjoy.

Love Letter to the King:

They were waiting for me, my Lord.

Never have I been so aware of your absence until I was in their presence.

A hidden predator in our garden, they set a trap to ensnare me. I had come to the garden to meet with you, but instead I found your enemies. Or rather, they found me.

There, beneath the Willow tree, I was waiting. Staring at the lake, I was unaware of the rope beneath my feet. Slapping my ankles, the rope was cinched tight and the force of it knocked me to the ground. I was surrounded. Towering above me, I counted four of them. Their taunts brought fear and confusion. Their feet kicking my body brought pain.

Their leader grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. Squeezing my face, he demanded I tell them where you were. I could not betray you, and so I did not answer.

Their rage grew. I tried to be brave in the midst of the torment, but I could not stop the tears from splashing down my face. They laughed. I cried harder.

Becoming impatient, they decided to leave the garden and take me with them. One of them bent down to remove the ropes from my legs while another tied my wrists together. Seizing the moment, I bit the arm of the one in front of me and kicked the one at my feet. With rope dangling in an uncompleted knot from my arms, I ran away from my captors at Dalzure Lake and headed towards the gate.

The screams escaping my throat matched the intensity of the panicked beating of my heart. My captors were not stalled for long. The thumping of their feet on the broken bedrock grew louder and I could feel the heat of their pursuit on the back of my neck. I looked over my shoulder to gauge the distance between me and my enemy, but in doing so I missed seeing you step onto the path from behind the oak trees.

You’d heard my screams. You’d come to my rescue.

At full speed I ran into your chest, but my momentum was absorbed by your sure-footed stance, and your body never budged from the brunt of it. Your arm encircled my waist, lifted me and tossed me to safety behind you. I lay on the ground and watched.

My assailants, still running towards us, drew their swords. So did you. The proportion of your weapon to theirs was monumental. It was a King’s sword, and it held against the force of all four of theirs. The metal clanged with such intensity I had to cover my ears. You pushed your sword against theirs, and your enemies fell to the ground. Jumping to their feet, they regained composure and attacked again.

I cowered in your shadow and watched as the battle ensued. Your sword was swift, your strength unyielding and your fierceness unstoppable. One by one, my enemy thudded to the ground in lumps of unmoving flesh. The stench of sweat and blood filled the air. The battle was over and my King was victorious.

I watched as you returned your sword to its sheath. For a moment, you surveyed the garden making sure there was no other lurking with ill-will as their intent. Once satisfied that the garden was safe, you walked back towards me.

As you knelt beside me, I leapt into your arms and buried my head in your chest. I felt one of your arms wrap around my back while the other slipped beneath my knees. You scooped me up and carried me to the pavilion at the center of the courtyard surrounded by roses.

Placing me on the bench, you walked to the well and drew water. Ripping the hem of your shirt, you wet the rag and returned to me. You washed the dirt from my face and cleansed my wounds.

The compassion in your eyes sequestered my fear, and the healing in your touch defeated my pain. I rested in your embrace, and absorbed your strength for my own.

Kissing my forehead you said, “To this I vow…I will forever watch over you and protect you, Princess.”

I know my Lord. As I will forever take refuge in your shadow, for you are my protector, and forever my King.



“A King’s rage is like the roar of a lion, but his favor is like dew on the grass.” (Prov 19:12 NIV)


Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Thanks, Spring, for making me cry! He is always looking out for us...even when we feel alone!

I've been meditating on REPRESENT for awhile...interesting that we walk in the light to represent our King! Still working on pulling it all together, though!

Have a terrific Friday!!!


God's girl said...

This is beautiful! Did you write it? This is my first visit here, but I will be back.

Blessings! Heaven

Beverlydru said...

I breathe music. Your writing is like music to me. When I hear an annointed song for the first time, I recognize it in my spirit. That's how I feel when I read your letters about the King.

Godiva said...

just stoppin' by via SITS to say hello!

Truth4thejourney said...


This is a fantastic post. It brought to mind the story in Daniel when he prays for an answer and it takes a long time to get there. When he inquires again, the Lord tells him that he sent the answer immediately, but there was a spiritual battle taking place. In the end he got the answer. But we must remember to stand our ground as God fights the battle for us!

Love it my friend!

B His Girl said...

Oh Spring, God has given you a gift. B