Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I happen to believe, that no matter what may be going on, you can always find a "gift". Sometimes, the gift is obvious, sometimes it's found depending on the condition of your heart. Here are a few gifts I've been given over the past month.

There's the multitude of flowers my children love to pick for me. This one came from our front yard. Sometimes, it's not always right for them to pick the flowers such as the "look don't touch" garden at the zoo, but I love the gift none-the-less.

Oh, the picture doesn't show it very well so you'll have to use your imagination. Our kids thought it was a good idea to mark the front of Squeaker's bedroom door with red crayon. There is a very purposeful red X placed across the center of the door. When they showed it to me, I must admit that my initial reaction wasn't to be grateful. But, before I could scold, a still small voice said, "It sure does look like they anointed the door with the blood of the lamb, doesn't it?"
That made me laugh, which is a good thing because it checked my attitude for the next thing the kids showed me.
This is the picture they drew on the inside of Squeaker's door. Can somebody give it up for artstic ability and if you just gave that a holler, then bring me a can of paint!

This is one of my favorite hidden gifts. I fed our cat some wet food on this paper plate. She ate it and left me a smiley face. Ahhhhhhhh.

Last and certainly not least, this is a gift I found sitting on my sink in our bathroom one random Monday morning. It's a dress from Anthropologie and a present from my dear husband who just decided, for no reason, to buy it for me. LOVE IT!
How about you? What are some gifts you have found in some obvious and not so obvious places?

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The Blonde Duck said...

I love dresses for no reason! Kudos to hubby!