Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to Dress a 2-Year Old

Whereas Mondays are reflective and Fridays are dedicated to Love Letters to the King, Wednesdays must bring with it a little witticism to get us through the week. Because girlfriend, if we aren’t laughing on “hump” day, we just might not make it through.

I am wondering if anyone else has trouble getting their young children dressed in the morning. You see, I have long since decided that I did not birth a precious little princess who stole my heart before I ever laid eyes on her. No, that is the fantasy version of it. In actuality, I birthed a fashionista whose Diva standard hits new heights on a daily basis.

Where her attitude is concerned, I take most of the blame. When choosing names for this little sweetheart, I begged my husband to let me name her Regan. This was our first glimpse into the battles that awaited us since Regan is Gaelic for “queen”. Of course Mommy, being a very OCD type-A perfectionist, had to pick a middle name that matched the first so we chose Nicole which means “ruler of the people”.

Now, anyone in their right mind would have seen the set up and sidestepped it, but I just figured she was headed for a life in politics. What I forgot was all the training that would need to take place before her first cry and her first oath of office.

So, this morning as I was once again tackling the “you must get dressed now – we have to leave – your brother is going to be late for school” daily routine, I remembered a how-to clip I wrote about a year ago on how to dress your sweet precious little girl and I thought I would share.

Here it is.

How to Dress a 2-Year Old Girl

It’s morning and once again you must dress your 2-year old daughter. Here are some simple steps that will make the procedure as painless as possible.

First, stretch out. Remember, she is younger, faster and more flexible.

Second, have two completed outfits ready for her to choose from. Any less would cause dissention in the ranks, any more and you will be there all day.

Third, you’ll need to catch your child. Make sure you plan your strategy carefully much like a lioness would when tracking a gazelle. Don’t forget to make a mental note of all the toys in the floor. It would do no good to end your chase with a broken leg.

Once your daughter is secure, you move to the fourth step of exchanging pajamas for day clothes. Please make sure her pacifier is out of her mouth before you remove her shirt or the neck hole may become permanently lodged around her nose and head.

Now that her outfit is on, finish the ensemble by fixing her hair and putting on her shoes. (Special note: always keep an extra pair of socks with you because hers will go missing.)

Be sure to compliment her on how beautiful she looks as she runs off posing as if she did all the work.

Finally, reward yourself by sitting down, taking a deep breath and drinking yet another cup of coffee because any minute now you’ll have to do it all over again.

Can anyone relate?


sailorcross said...

Oh, I relate!! My children are grown now, and thank goodness--they are able to dress themselves and still look decent!!

But, the battles--even with my son--"put on your sock, put on your other sock--the bus will be here soon--where did you put you shoes?" went on for a long time.

And my youngest--when she was two she decided that she wanted to wear the same thing everyday!! I still remember this 21 years later--a pink outfit with balloons on the front of the top--everyday for two weeks!! Even wanted to sleep in it!! Now, that was a battle because obviously the outfit needed to be washed somewhere in between there!!

But, this battle is long since over, and yours will be over, too.

So, as difficult as it is, cherish these days. They will be gone fast enough (oh, I sound just like my grandmother--so sorry!!)


~Deidra~ said...

Thanks for the smiles this morning. I go through the same thing with my princess. Do you scrapbook? This would make a fabulous layout...complete with a journal box telling all about it. These are the stories your daughter will love hearing when she's grown.

Truth4thejourney said...

LOL!! loved the part about making a mental note of where all the toys are! We have stepped on painful toys more than once! LOL!! Loved this!


Jennifer Pacacha said...

Thanks for the laugh! Regan is such a gymnist, I'm surprised you were able to catch her. :)

Krista said...

Sounds almost as complicated as "How to give your cat a pill," which now that I think of it also deserves to be trotted out and reposted soon, although I did not write it.

I have to do the toy patrol thing before bed since I seem to end up escorting someone back to bed in the dark at least once a week.

Thanks for the laugh!

Krista said...

By the way, I would love to know your recommendation on "For the Write Reason" as well as the Cindy Rogers book you list in your profile. I am looking for material that will help refine my writing style for the greatest impact, and those sound like they fit the bill. Thanks!

Melanie said...

I didn't have so much trouble getting them dressed as buckling them into the car seats!

Dead to Self said...

Well considerinf my yong age I have not really expierenced this problem. I babysat a little girl last summer who may have spoiled me with the ease that she got dressed.

Although I will say that I have found many names I have just fallen in love with and have to find a man who likes them too lol! However I've done my research and anything with some strong meaning is either changed in spelling or gotten rid of...not that it will save me much :)

It's funny though and one day when my teo-year old is causing problems I'll be sure to remember this!

Shanita Waters said...

This is too cute. Your little princess is adorable.

Chatty Kelly said...

I am laughing - because my 4 yr old has that same dance outfit and we have the same circumstances!!! Oh Spring, I can relate!

I'm also over to say I am thankful for you to day for your note of encouragement to Sonya. She & I have been friends for over 10 years, and I am so glad to hear you ministered to her heart.

Blessings to you!

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

You will do great! I think only a guy would get his N mixed up in that!!! When we were trying later on to show Daddy, the girls and I were still laughing so hard he couldn't hardly hear it!!!

I know I've said it before but Thank you again for being such a blessing to my daughter! She was my easy toddler....the next one is still reminding us that we are parents of teens!!! C would go get her diapers out of the drawer right at a year, pick out her clothes (and match) at 2 and had no problem letting me dress her. The next one, Mommy got to pick one outfit, she got to pick one outfit...of course, hers NEVER matched! She still dresses her own way and now she looks really cute!!!
Okay, enough rambling! Enjoy a terrific Thursday!

The Blonde Duck said...

LOL! I love the pink dress. All I wore when I was little was pink dresses.

Angela said...

Love the hat!!Wow, it sounds like I need to prepare my prince for princesses who will banish my little boy's wardrobe to the downstairs hall closet. Great blog! I too enjoyed the laugh and the smile is still lingering.

Kathy S. said...

THAT brings back memories! Love that your little one lives up to her name! This seemed like a testimony of His soveriegnty!!