Monday, December 8, 2008

As I Think About Christmas

The steam from the mug warms my face. With every breath, the sweet indulgent vapor of cocoa penetrates my body. On the couch, snuggled beneath my mother’s quilt, I am surrounded by a domesticated display of northern lights emanating from the tree adorned with memories past.

It is here that I think about Christmas.

I think about the time I spent selecting each present bought for loved ones. Each gift that is painstakingly decided upon with the hope that the smile displayed at the unveiling of the present matches the joy exploding within my heart.

I think about the tears I will shed over the delight of our children on Christmas morning as they run to the tree to find their anticipated treasures. I am amazed at the rejuvenating power of a child’s laughter, joy and faith in that which can’t be seen.

I think about the food that will be meticulously prepared and the family that will gather to partake of it. Each one, in love with the day, will come in contentment to sit and visit, renewing and strengthening their bond of kinship.

But most of all, I think of a child nestled at the breast of a virgin mother. Born in a manger, born in seclusion, born to be chased, mocked and scorned, yet born a King, born to save, and born to be our greatest gift.

Amidst the dreams of a beautiful Christmas will I rest in the arms of my King. I will hug his neck, kiss his cheek, lie beneath his shadow and offer him my heart, for it is the greatest gift that I can give to the one who gives all things.


sailorcross said...

"Rest in the arms of the King"--I love that!! We can always find our rest and peace in His arms, reaching to embrace us always.

I also read your "Love Letter", and what a beautiful tribute to OUR KING!

I find God's beauty every morning when I drive to work and see the sunrise, and I thank Him every morning for the beauty of all I find around me as I drive to work. Certainly helps to start the day off on a positive note!!


Truth4thejourney said...

Such beautiful writings. Your love of the King is quite contagious! Keep writing


Denise said...

Such a beautiful post. Thanks for visiting my blog sweetie.

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Spring,

To answer your question on my blog, no - I haven't received any of your e-mails this weekend. I just sent you e-mail to see if you are receiving them.

Please re-send them!

Melanie said...

It is a blessing to have children at Christmas time especially.
Enjoyed your writing.

Melissa said...

I loved your post it was beautiful and it was encouraging to read about the true Christmas spirit.

Krista said...

First, I LOVE your writing. I would like to add you to my "of possible interest" list so I can share you with others.

Second, I happened to notice your comment about the Christmas lights... we have a roofline much like Lysa's, and while my hubby hated doing it, he solved the problem by getting as far as he could on the 24' extension ladder, then climbing on the roof to do that last 4' at the peak, then coming back to the ladder on the other side of the peak. Such a shame that the really tall houses that look best with those lights on them, are the hardest to hang the lights on.

The Blonde Duck said...

Wonderful! Lovely post!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

you write so beatifully. love the last two paragraphs. if only we'd put the reason for the season first instead of the gift giving.... my family is stresses about gifts and i want to hide out somewhere until it's over (smile)

peace and blessings.