Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She Did It!

If you missed my post about my grandmother going on her first mission’s trip, please click here to read it.

Last week, my wonderful 79-year old Grandma went on her first mission’s trip to Nicaragua.

Her fear - that she would hold back the group or worse, not be a productive member of the group.

Her goal – to be a blessing in any way she could.

Well…God took care of her fears and I believe He took care of her goal as well. Every night, the group led a crusade. Every night, Gram was asked to speak at two separate points in the service. She told stories from her life. Stories that in hindsight bear the fingerprints of the hand of God. Stories most of the women in the villages could relate too.

My Gram also carried two very full suitcases to Nicaragua. She came home with empty ones. Why? In the words of my Grandma, “Because the people in those villages have nothing. They need this more than I do.”

She even gave away the watch she was wearing and the rings on her fingers. These items went to a 12-year old boy who sold makeshift jewelry that his mom made. This was his family’s sole source of income. My Grandmother gave the items to him to sell for food.

To say I’ve always looked up to my Grandma would be an undermining of my true feelings. She is an inspiration to me. I love her dearly.

And, on a lighter note, she did have a little fun on the trip as well. My dear, sweet, daredevil Grandmother went ziplining through the rain forest. And, not just once. In order to go on the zipline, you had to “fly” through 11 stations, so yes, my Gram ziplined 11 times. I wonder what she will do for her 80th birthday.


B His Girl said...

Wow Spring...she did it and did it with style. Sharing and zipping around the forest. I hope you saw photos of her flight. I know you are proud of her. I love her suitcases were empty and her heart must have been full. That's living at any age! b

The Blonde Duck said...


Shanita Waters said...

Hi Spring! I missed you! How are you? I pray that all is well. You sure do have a great grandmother. I pray that God will coninue to bless her and use her for His glory!


PS - I can't wait to go back and read all of the beautiful letters I missed.

Warren Baldwin said...

Neat story! Great inspiration.

Enjoyed visiting here, you have a good blog.

Kingdom Warrior Princess said...

Can I adopted your grandma? I love her so!

Diane said...

Your grandmother sounds amazing. So glad her fear or age or anything else did not hold her back from doing this. Awesome!

B His Girl said...

Hi Spring,

I was thinking about you. I pray all is well with you and your family. I hope you are still with pen in hand often: ) B

Sista In Arms Lxx said...

Grandmothers are such a blessing and inspiration, full of wisdom gathered through lifes journey. I miss my nana, she gave the best hugs, she went home a year ago and I still delve into my memory to hear her advice. Lxx