Friday, July 31, 2009


On July 1, 2009, my grandmother turned 79-years old.

Today, she leaves for Nicaragua on her very first missions trip.

My Grandma second guessed this trip many times. She thought she was too old to do anyone any good and was afraid she hold the rest of the group back. But, then she heard about the poverty level of the villagers of this country. Her heart was broken. She stepped out in faith and signed up for the trip.

She started packing. She cleaned her closet out of all clothing she no longer wears. She shopped for additional clothing items to augment the ones she pulled from her closet. She purchased used luggage from the Hubbard House thrift store, and packed all the items away.

Today, she'll board a plane with two very full suitcases. Her goal - to come home empty handed, as she intends to give everything away including the clothes she brought for herself on the trip.

My Grandma decided not to let the physical obstacle of her age stand in the way of her ability to be a blessing.

My opinion, she may come back empty-handed, but her heart will be very full!

Have a great trip Grandma. You will be continuously in our prayers.


The Blonde Duck said...

That is amazing. What a great woman!

Olivia said...

I'm randomly picking this post to comment on, even though my comment doesn't have to do with its topic. :) I can't remember how I came across your blog, but I was going through my bookmarks today, and saw it again...some members of my family have wheat sensititivities too, and I noticed you also might have some Messianic leanings? Anyway, thought I'd drop in and say "hi"! :) Blessings, Olivia

Spring Fricks said...

Hi Olivia,

Thanks for popping in. Yes, I'm a Messiani Jew. Are you Jewish?

Olivia said...

I noticed I had a typo above...but it was too late to fix it. ;)

No, I'm not actually Jewish, but our family has explored the Hebrew roots of Christianity quite a bit over the last several years. :)

Spring Fricks said...

That is awesome! I actually grew up Christian. My family converted to Roman Catholicism in the old country to avoid anti-semitic behavior. My Mom married a Charismatic Christian and that's how I was raised. Only now am I learning and regaining my heritage. It's been a fascinating experience. I'm thinking about blogging about it.

Olivia said...

That's very interesting; may I ask where you're originally from? :) Feel free to e-mail, but I probably won't keep commenting here. :) Blessings! ~Olivia