Monday, August 3, 2009

Ingenuity of a 5-Year old

Oh, the last lazy days of summer.

Bug decided to dedicate his last lazy day of summer to working towards the Guiness World Book of Records prize for most hours playing a leapster video game.

Here's the start of the day:

But, too many hours playing causes very tired arms. So, Bug came up with this idea (on his own)

Who would have thought that napkin holders make great video game holders as well.

Now, everyone knows it's hard to read those little screens in the bright sun. Well, Bug came up with an answer to that one too. Late in the afternoon, when the sun shines it's brightest in our den, I found our dear son like this:

The darkness of the box makes for a great theatre feel.

Our son...he is too funny.


B His Girl said...

How funny and clever! Yes, it is time for school! B

Glynnis Whitwer said...

That is absolutely adorable! Your son is a great problem solver. That is a wonderful character trait that will serve him well in years to come. Good job Spring for helping that trait develop!