Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am a self proclaimed scatter-brain. I don't take offense to it. I just know that I get scattered in the moment which causes some "not-so-thought-through" ideas to come to my mind and mouth.

Do you like the teapot?

On our last Disney excursion, we purchased a not-so typical souvenir. This teapot and spoon rest. I'd looked at it longingly for three days until finally, my husband purchased it on the last day of the trip. I love it, and use it constantly for hot tea consumed throughout the day.

Needless to say, I've owned teapots before. I know to well the high-pitched shrill sound that screams "I'm boiling get me off the eye NOW!" Therefore,
I expected no less from this teapot.

Well, see the two steam holes?

It's a little hard to tell in the picture, but one is bigger than the other.

The first day I used the teapot, I placed it on the burner and then promptly forgot I'd turned it on. It's a teapot. It lets you know when it's ready.

Anyway, we live very near to the intracoastal waterway where large cargo ships bring import/export items all day long. On a clear day, you can hear the boat horns from our back porch.

Well, when this little teapot blew, it sounded like a boat horn. A ver loud one. I was in my office when I heard it and kept thinking, "Great day that boat's horn is loud. I wonder what's going on."

I finally walked out of my office with the intention of going on the back porch to listen for the boat when I passed the kitchen and realized it was the teapot!

The teapot sounded like a cargo ship.

After I laughed at myself a good while, I stared at the pot trying to figure out why it would sound like a ship when the irony hit me.

Steam pot Willie.

Get it? I guess you would have to like old school Disney to get the joke. Steam boat Willie was the debut film for Mickey Mouse.

So, now Steam Pot Willie resides in our kitchen and hot tea is all the more fun!


B His Girl said...

How funny Spring! We sound a lot alike...that may not b a good thing.lol I kept thinking as I read this 'Your ship is coming in' yep! It is coming in. B

Krista said...

Hi Spring... long time no see. Looks like we've both been taking some life-imposed hiatus. I've missed checking in on you, and hope you are well. This entry just made me shout with laughter. You are awesome, and I continue to enjoy your quirky writing. Keep it up, sister!