Friday, May 1, 2009


After years of Disney travel, I think we finally got it right.

Usually, we would take our four day vacation and try to cram five days worth of park time into it. I mean you could spend three days at Magic Kingdom and still not do everything in the park.

However, this time was different. Instead of waking up at o’dark thirty in order to drive to Orlando and get in line before the park opens, we slept in a little, packed, took our time getting down there, checked into the hotel and strolled around Downtown Disney.

Speaking of Downtown Disney, here is a picture of the new hot air balloon ride they have. It takes you up about 30 stories (I think that’s right), hangs out a little bit and then brings you down. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try it out. The two times we were thinking about it, the wind was too strong and the balloon was grounded. Between you and me, I wasn’t that upset. Not a big lover of heights!

After discovering the hidden treasure of our room upgrade, parks rarely entered our mind. Instead of killing ourselves trying to get every ounce of “fun” out of the parks, we squeezed every ounce of fun out of relaxing, strolling, swimming, eating as a family in the quiet of our room.

For once, we slowed down on vacation. Life is too busy as it is, vacation shouldn’t be as well. Hopefully, the stress-free joy we felt on this trip will be imbedded in our hearts enough to repeat in the future.


B His Girl said...

Ahhh, I hear wisdom. Bug and Squeaker are too young to apply extreme pressure to Go, Go, Go ....Just wait. It will be great! B

Steph said...

Girl, I am so glad you guys did that. When I heard that you guys were at Disney again, all I could think was that I was still tired from when we went with you in October!! Good for you!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

That sounds like a lot more fun to me. I hate hurry up and go vacations; even though those are the only ones I've ever taken!

Gwen said...

You're singing my song, here. We go to Orlando every spring, but this year we only went to the parks ONE day. The rest of the week we shopped, ate out, played putt-putt, and lazed by the pool. It was wonderful, and just what we needed.

The years we were in Florida for five days and visited the parks for four, we came home needing a vacation from the *vacation*. We have learned too!

God bless you on this Saturday!

Mary Moss said...

Good for you! I'm so glad you actually slowed down enough to enjoy that upgrade:-)

Truth4thejourney said...

You are so right, going non-stop on a vacation is just too exhausting.

Stopping to "smell the roses" along the way will lead to better memories.

Have a blessed week!