Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mary's Journal: Overshadowed

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Mary's Journal: Overshadowed

May it be to me as you have said.

This was my “yes” to Gabriel. No sooner had I uttered the phrase then he dissipated from the room as a vapor disappears into the air around it.

Gabriel gone, I was alone with the enemy of my mind. It can’t be. He was an illusion. The ill-seated will of a poor peasant girl. Besides, you are a virgin. How can you become pregnant? You can’t.

The voice inside my head was relentless. It dug its poison like sharp fingernails into my skin and I bled doubt from underneath its tightening grip. How could God choose me? It just can’t be.

Flooded with despair, I crawled to my mat and prayed for sleep to overtake me. With eyes held so tight no tear could fall, I lay underneath my thread-bare blanket with muscles tensed. Waiting for precious slumber to release me from my torment, I was instead flooded by a chilling breeze. It started at my feet and moved up toward my head. As it passed over, it felt as if a metal ball covered with a thousand needles rolled over my skin, pricked me and continued on its course until all my hair was standing on end.

I jolted from my mat. The room was dimly lit with the aura of a million subdued points of light dancing around each other as if miniature shooting stars were piercing the darkness just above my head. I lifted my hand, penetrated the cloud with my fingers, and reached towards the lights. Some stars glided around my hand while others seemed to shoot through it. It tickled, and I could not help but laugh at their random choreography.

It occurred to me that fear should grip my soul, but it could not, for a tangible peace filled the room and covered me like a warm blanket. I drank in the scent of roses, myrrh and fire until I was intoxicated.

In my mind, I heard every thought of doubt that harassed me earlier replayed one phrase at a time. After each one the Lord spoke His truth, causing the infection of distress that had plagued me to unleash its grip and flee.

In the wake of my deliverance, I was left full of the Holy Spirit. It was then that I knew His will had been done. My destiny was underway.

For fear will not embrace me my Lord. Doubt shall not have its way. I am a servant of the Most High, born to love and worship Jehovah, my God. And, I will stand on the promises of heaven.

May it be as you have said.

Yes, let it be as the angel has said. And, let the Son of the God come forth.


“The angel answered. ‘The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.’” Luke 1:35

May you be overshadowed by the Most High God, for you have been given promises of a destiny, and it awaits you. In that destiny, He will bestow upon you, and equip you with everything needed to fulfill the work of the Lord. May fear be dispelled, and let the yielding of Holy Spirit operate within you that you may become that which God created, a purposed son or daughter of the King.


Truth4thejourney said...

This is fabulous! Little is said of how Mary must have felt. Overshadowed by the King I will remember that phrase as I go about my day today. May we all be overshadowed by the kind! Amen!


The Blonde Duck said...

Looks great!

Dead to Self said...

I don't think you realize how much this speaks to me today. In fact I was just about to post an update about my current struggle and how I'm doing. This is totally what I needed, especially the very last paragraph. Thank you for listening to what should be written!!

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Overshadowed by the Most High God and promises of Destiny - very telling. Created for a purpose - such was Mary's destiny to bring forth the Messiah. Each one of us was created by God for a purpose too.

Beautifully written as always.

God bless.

B His Girl said...

I love your prayer at the end and imagining Mary's thoughts. Being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. Let it Be Lord.

sailorcross said...

"May it be as you have said." There is such power in those few words.

Surrender--God, whatever You bring into my life, may it be as you have said.

Beautiful, Spring!