Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Shout Out

What a week! I am very thankful it is Friday.

I started the week with the goal of finishing a writing project. In fact, my plan was to cut the world off until I hit the send button and officially submitted the project.

At this point in my life, I should have seen that this was a set-up, but hoping for the best I continued on.

Monday started out perfect. I spent the day editing, packaging and polishing. Loved it. Thinking ahead, I knew I could take some extra breaks since my husband had a meeting that evening, and (after dinner) I'd be able to go right back to work.

Sounded good.

Well, regardless of how accomplished I feel in any given moment, my children have a way of knocking me back into reality.

As I was working, I noticed the house was too quiet. (And, every one with kid experience chuckles). Then.....I heard water running upstairs.

With a heavy sigh and not the nicest words running through my head, I ran up the stairs and found this.......

The picture doesn't do it justice so I'll explain. Bug and Squeaker decided it would be a good idea to style their hair with Colgate strawberry toothpaste. However, much to their avail, toothpaste does not provide the luxurious bubbles that one creates in the tub so they augmented their styling product by mixing the toothpaste with antibacterial soft soap. (let me digress by saying I hope Glade never decides to create a scent that combines strawberry toothpaste and plain antibacterial soap. Take my word for it, the product would not sell)

Talk about a mess! And, as an FYI, toothpaste leaves a very strange residue on sinks and fixtures. Ugh.

As for their experience? They may have had fun free stylin' their hair, but they learned the hard way as to why Mommy and Daddy choose to use Tears free baby shampoo instead of antibacterial soap. "Put your head back so the water doesn't get in your eyes" has taken on a whole new meaning for these two little bathroom chemists.

So, that was Monday.

My submission was prolonged to Tuesday, but I was okay with that. Well, I was until the simultaneous pressing of the send button was met with round 2 of Bug coming down with a virus. We have missed our second week of school for the month of February. That's a lot of make-up work. I'll be glad when flu season is over!

Well, now that's it's Friday, the project has been submitted, and Bug is on the upswing, I have rejoined the Land of Blog. Yeah!

Please swing by on Monday as I will have a pretty cool announcement. And, hopefully, this will be followed by a few more very cool announcements including a new weekly story series and the lauch of my new dot com. But, we'll get to that later.

As I gravel at the feet of my friends in blog land, please forgive the few and far between posts. It shall return to normal. So....come back and come again and I hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend!


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Close to the end you say "return to normal." What's normal? (smile) You must save those pictures and tell that story when they grow up and have their first dates. It's too funny.

I know every mom has a "you're not going to believe what the kids did story." Mine involved peanut butter (lol) But now that the kids are grown and moved out, most of my stories involve Max, my shepherd.

Have a great weekend and looking forward to Monday's news.

Love, peace and blessings

AndreaLeigh said...

oh those naughty kiddos, but cute pics!

stopping by from sits to show some comment love ~ andrea

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Mary Moss said...

That silence is fear-inspiring isn't it?! I believe your children may grow up to discover the cure for some very nasty diseases:-)

Glad you ultimately hit that "send" button. Can't wait to read your announcement(s)!

B His Girl said...

These are priceless stories for when they are older. I'm proud of your determination to do the things you know to do. We look forward to your news and dot com. B

Melanie Dorsey said...

Sometimes "silence is golden". Sometimes it's just funny. Aren't kids the greatest?!
Waiting for your news!

sailorcross said...

Hi Spring!!

Sorry I haven't been by lately--busy moving!!

but, now I see there is an announcement that is coming today?? Guess I'll have to wait until after work to read this!!

I'll be back!!

And I remember that silence--it can be deafening!!